CSS Basics: How Triangles Work

If you have ever used tooltips in any of your projects, you must have noticed little triangles that point to a specific element. There are several tutorials available online that shows you how to create triangles with CSS. But none of them discusses in detail how CSS triangles work. In...
gamify wordpress rewards system

Top 5 WordPress Rewards and Gamification Plugins

User engagement is key to success of any website. Every webmaster knows this. If you can't retain your users, your site will see less and less visits everyday. In order to engage users with more valuable content, webmasters have long relied on reward systems. Using a reward system not only...
email inbox server vps

Spin up Your Own Mail Server inside a VPS

If you have a custom domain name of your own, it is likely that you are using an email using the same domain name. (Like myname@mydomain.tld). In order to host the emails, you can either use a managed email host (like Google Suite or Zoho) or you can have your...

Create Scroller Ads on Your Website in 2 Simple Steps

You may have seen scrolling ads on mobile devices where a single ad appears as you scroll down. It disappears after scrolling to a certain point. It's a fairly new technique to catch readers' attention. Here I am going to explain how this scroll ad feature works in two easy...

How to Conditionally Load JavaScript files

Minimizing asset loading time and increasing performance of a website is a web-developer's first priority. These days most websites depend heavily on several JavaSript and CSS files including third-party ones. You can add all of them in your head tag (or at the end of body). Or you can lazy-load...

Weekly Collective #3

Weekly Collective is a round-up of latest news and resources from the developer community. It features tools, tutorials, useful videos, scripts, open-source projects among many other things. If you have spotted something nice or built a nice tool that you want to share, please use the comment section below. Delivering...
docsify javascript plugin

How to Generate Documentation for Your Projects

Documentation is probably the most hated part of the development workflow. If you are not working on an Open Source project, chances are high you are skipping documentation. But this part of the process is as important as writing codes. Without proper documentation, you can't reach fellow team-mates without their...
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