Top 5 WordPress Rewards and Gamification Plugins

gamify wordpress rewards system

User engagement is key to success of any website. Every webmaster knows this. If you can’t retain your users, your site will see less and less visits everyday. In order to engage users with more valuable content, webmasters have long relied on reward systems. Using a reward system not only gives the users a reason to visit your site again, but it also helps you measure which areas of your site is working better than the other. In this post, I am going to list top five WordPress plugins that lets you create and manage rewards system for users.

1. myCRED

myCRED is a toolbox for WordPress powered websites that enables you to build all sorts of points based features. Just like points can have a lot of different meanings, myCRED has a lot of different usages. You can reward site interactions, build store reward programs, use points as payment gateway for WooCommerce, EDD and others. myCRED provides very detailed documentation for developers to build custom reward systems.

2. WordPoints

WordPoints lets you create one or multiple types of points which you can use to reward your users when certain events occur on your site. It also includes a ranks component, which lets you create ranks for your users based on how many points they have. All points transactions are logged and can be reviewed by administrators from the back-end. WordPoints provides many useful shortcodes to quickly display stats on the website. Documentation covers every aspect of the plugin including how to create custom events to reward users.

3. Badgearoo

badgearoo badge system
With Badgearoo, you can integrate StackExchange-like badge system into your existing WordPress sites. You can configure automatic assignment or manually assign badges and points to users. The plugin lets you upload badges and manage them from the back-end. Badgearoo lets you set specific conditions to be satisfied by the users in order to be rewarded. The documentation is a bit sparse. If you want a plug-and-play badge system, this may be a good choice.

4. Beans – Loyalty and Reward

Beans is more geared towards WooCommerce. But it works just as fine with WordPress sites. Apart from the ability to create rewards points, Beans lets you send custom notifications to users as a reminder to spend the credit. It is tightly integrated with several other online services including MailChimp and Shopify. Beans is free for WordPress but does offer a premium features at a reasonable cost.

5. GamiPress

gamipress reward system wordpress
GamiPress is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that lets you create and manage reward system using points, ranks and awards. It has very detailed documentation on customizing the plugin to suit your needs. Out of the box, GamiPress offers several features ranging from drag-and-drop controls to notification emails to users. Apart from shortcodes, Gamipress supports a handful of widgets to showcase leaderboards, points’ wallet among others. The good thing about GamiPress is it’s theme-agnostic — it works just as the same with almost all WordPress themes. Its plugin system lets you build add-ons on top of it.


The above plugins are all actively developed and provide fairly good documentation for both WordPress publishers and developers. I have intentionally left out a few but they do deserve mention — Gratisfaction (too much promotional content, little documentation), CubePoints (last updated 6 years ago), WooWallet (documentation is almost absent) and RewardsFuel (requires sign-up on their website).