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Find Real time Attacks with Honeypot

honeypot real time attack logger

Low interaction honeypot application that displays real time attacks in the web-interface. Made just for fun and it is not production ready. Written in Node.js the application listens on 128 most common TCP ports which are most susceptible to attacks and saves results to the MySQL Database for further analysis.

This app is designed to listen for access on ports that shouldn’t (in theory) be getting any traffic and therefore wouldn’t have anything listening to generate logs. It also aggregates them together in a way that’s easy to access and to get the information you would want.

honeypot realtime attack logger application demo

A demo of the app can be found here. Developer Nikolay Shmakov has put together a stats page that displays all attacks made to the demo app for June 2018. This application was made “just for fun” and is not production-ready. You can find the GitHub repo here.