WordPress Gamification Plugins: Gamipress vs myCred

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We have previously covered a handful of useful WordPress gamification plugins. Since this blog gets a lot of footfalls from Google searches relating to Gamipress and myCred, I thought it would be great to compare these two WordPress plugins in details.

Recently, I have worked on a project that relies heavily on WP Rest API and uses myCred as a plugin. Before I chose myCred, I spent a lot of time pondering over the available plugins. In this post I am going to list a few reasons which you may find useful if you’re building a gamified website.

1. Ease of Installation

Both myCred and GamiPress can by installed from plugins page in WordPress admin panel. No extra steps are necessary for installation and configuration.

Winners: Both

2. Development

While both of the plugins are currently actively developed, GamiPress developer Ruben makes more frequent commits on GitHub repository than myCred.

Winner: GamiPress

3. Documentation

GamiPress and myCred both have wonderful documentation. But I find myCred’s documentation way better than GamiPress. This is because myCred team has explained in detail almost all available public functions. Even functions for available add-ons are documented in detail. GamiPress on the other hand has almost no documentation for functions and hooks.

Winner: myCred

4. Customization

Since myCred has a more detailed documentation in respect of the functions and hooks available, it can be better customized to fit your needs. For example, myCred offers a short-code to show the top users. If you want to add more columns to the leader-board, you can do so by writing just a few lines of code. GamiPress on the other hand does not allow for such customization (without having to change core files).

Winner: myCred

5. Add-on support

myCred comes bundled with 11 different add-ons, which do the job for most websites. From Ranks to Badges to Notifications, you name it. GamiPress add-ons are separately installed. It has more add-ons than myCred (both free and premium). It offers free add-ons with third-party integration too.

Winner: GamiPress


While I tried to be as impartial as I can be, I may be biased towards myCred since I used this in a recent project. Also, please note that this is my own opinion and I do not claim to be correct in all respects. However, if you have a complex project that demands lot of customization on the part of the developer, myCred may be your best bet.