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Learn About HTTP Codes with Teen Pages

“Teen” is a platform-agnostic tool for HTTP status codes. It is written in python and inspired by Unix’s man pages. teen pages are like man pages but for HTTP status codes. Most web developers spend considerable time looking at response codes (usually errors) and then Googling what they mean. But with teen, you can simply run $ teen [status_code] and get a quick explanation of your HTTP response – without leaving the terminal.


Teen works on MacOS, Linux, and Windows (if you use Cygwin), with compiled binaries available for every release. You can also install it with pip:

$ pip install teen

Requires Python 3.0 or higher.


Developer Jonathan Shobrook wrote the project in just a matter of a day. He has plans to further improve the project by adding more features, including manual pages for request headers. Since this is an Open Source project, anyone can contribute to the codebase by forking the Github repository.