13 Barebones CSS Libraries Ready for Any Project

While working on side-projects, often times I felt I needed the simplest of CSS libraries that do not force me to remember too many class-names. A CSS library that beautifies the semantic HTML5 markup. It may not be one of the tiniest CSS frameworks but a simple enough to drop...

15 Useful Bootstrap HTML Snippets

Twitter's frontend framework Bootstrap is everywhere. It is extremely popular among developers. With the recent release of Bootstrap 4, the framework now supports an array of exciting new CSS features including flexbox. If you are building a website from scratch or converting a PSD to HTML, you might want to...

Weekly Collective #1

Weekly Collective is a round-up of latest news and resources from the developer community. It features tools, tutorials, useful videos, scripts, open-source projects among many other things. If you have spotted something nice or built a nice tool that you want to share, please use the comment section below. Tools...