How to Upload A Remote File to Amazon S3

AWS' Simple Storage Service or S3 is a very popular object storage service offered by Amazon. A huge number of large-scale websites take advantage of S3. You can easily use it as a Content Delivery Network. To top it all, it has excellent API support that developers can take advantage...

Weekly Collective #1

Weekly Collective is a round-up of latest news and resources from the developer community. It features tools, tutorials, useful videos, scripts, open-source projects among many other things. If you have spotted something nice or built a nice tool that you want to share, please use the comment section below. Tools...

5 Lesser-known but Useful Console Methods in Developer Tools

While developing websites, most of the web-developers rely heavily on developer tools which comes built-in with most modern browsers. Developer-tools, or DevTools, can be used to test features on the fly -- by live editing css and javascript. DevTools is widely used to debug websites -- by using console object....