How to Upload A Remote File to Amazon S3

AWS' Simple Storage Service or S3 is a very popular object storage service offered by Amazon. A huge number of large-scale websites take advantage of S3. You can easily use it as a Content Delivery Network. To top it all, it has excellent API support that developers can take advantage...

How to Conditionally Load JavaScript files

Minimizing asset loading time and increasing performance of a website is a web-developer's first priority. These days most websites depend heavily on several JavaSript and CSS files including third-party ones. You can add all of them in your head tag (or at the end of body). Or you can lazy-load...

5 Lesser-known but Useful Console Methods in Developer Tools

While developing websites, most of the web-developers rely heavily on developer tools which comes built-in with most modern browsers. Developer-tools, or DevTools, can be used to test features on the fly -- by live editing css and javascript. DevTools is widely used to debug websites -- by using console object....